Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 3/ Johnny Appleseed and week 4/ Apples

So I realized I dropped the ball last week!  I had no clue I did not post last weekend until I came to post this weekend and could not find last weeks post!  I am loosing it! LOL  I could have sworn I posted last week!  So this week you get a double portion :)  The 2 weeks go together so that is kinda cool too :)  I was not able to do everything this week with apple week like I wanted to but we did learn the parts of an apple and the lifecycle of an apple.  I did not end up with pics of any of the apple pages so I may come back later and add them.  Anyway here we go with week 3 and 4 :) Oh and for those who said the pics are small if you click on the pic it will enlarge so you can see better :)

Week 3/ Johnny Appleseed
We had Jeremiah home with us most of the week.  He was not too impressed with some of our school! :)  heehee but Bingo kept climbing up into a kitchen chair to learn too :)

Had a trip to the dr this week and got the most adorable shots of Noah playing on the table and Jeremiah cooing.  Threw in a couple of other random shots form the week that show the joy I get to have with my star student!  and bingo too sometimes!  I am constantly having to tell Noah that Bingo can not sit in his chair while he does school!  LOL  

working so hard and then look at the joy he has :)  and YES there are laundry baskets in the background again this post!  LOL  I promise I do eventually fold and put things away but alot of time the basket does not make it out of dining or living room.  I am working on getting better!  Seeing it in background pics really makes it stand out how often it is in there! LOL

Daddy joining in on his day off :)  Such a blessing! :)  These 2 are so funny to me.  And spending time riding about town with Daddy and Noah I find myself helping find vehicles with trailer hitches in the counting game!  Something I never thought I would do :)  heehee

Noah had WAY too much fun with pulling the pot out of the kitchen to have a hat like Johnny Appleseed! :) and of course he wanted EVERYONE else to wear it too :)  

Last Saturday also was Noah's first flag football game :)  I was overwhelmed that he did it!! :)  This is our PE so I am including it on our school blog too :)  
all ready to go to first game!  Coach said he thought they should wear the blue side of uniform (they are reversable as to whether they are home or away.  He even said I am probably telling you wrong!  LOL  yup at game we had to flip it to white :)

Noah totally loved every minute!!  He was overwhelmed briefly a few times but overall he loved it!  

Just love the joy that shines through him :) And they WON which was even funner but the thing I loved most about Noah with the game, He was just playing to play.  He had no clue they won!  We had to tell him :)

Week 4/ Apples

We started out Monday morning with our first day of waiting room school at the hospital with my mother.  Then Monday afternoon was our first day of classes for our Caffe/MAD Co- op :) 
Just some random pics from the day :)  

First Class is Science Experiments! :)  they made a rainbow in a glass

2nd class is Music and Drama  They were listening to a musical of Peter and the Wolf and acting it out on their own.  Noah watched for a good while and then he joined in! :)  

Art around the world Class.  He was enthralled with his new notebook for Science and was looking at it and I kept having to tell him to pay attention!  He will get there. They started with North America and will learn about all the continents and art and culture around the world :)

We had another day of van/waiting room school waiting on our Nannie and we also had our first 4H Cloverbuds group meeting for the year.  I think at first he was a bit overwhelmed but by the end he was hugging and charming folks! :)  alot of the children he has met at field trips and such so they are not all strangers. 

some pics of doing school.  the bottom right one is too funny to me.  He was like really mom, pictures? :)  lol  He knows me though so he gave me a smile and he is a ham so he can't help it :)

We wrapped up our school week with a fun picnic/park day with our CFE Homeschool friends :)
Noah has come so far in the way of getting wet in clothes! :)  God is so good!

A friend brought her dogs and Noah was in heaven! :)

Today was Noah's 2nd flag football game :)  Not a win this week but they had a blast.

Noah is sooo attached to his coach :)  I love all these pics of him with the coach.  The one on bottom right he was talking to the group getting them ready for the game.  

Some shots of game play.  Noah played center on offense both weeks but this week he also played on defense as well.

Noah was over the moon that this week was his turn to carry the flag out as their team was announced! :)  They are The Steelers :)

Panda Boy smile's from the day :)

Have I mentioned lately just how blessed I am?? :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 2 / National Teddy Bear Day

So we have completed week 2 of school for 2014~2015 year and I am so treasuring every second with Noah! :)  Today I got words that blessed my heart, "I wuv school mama!"  woohoo!  Thank you God!! :)  This was a big week for us :)  We had our co op planning meeting, first library storytime for the year, our monthly ArtBreak co-op and a field trip plus therapy, school and life.  I thought I would share our week in pictures :)
This collage is some cute pics I got at the first co op planning meeting we had on monday! :)  We will be having co op twice a month and Noah will have music, art and science experiements class.  I am so excited to see what the year holds!  We found out we will be having a science fair and I am already trying to figure out what kind of science fair project we can figure out for Noah to do!
Just a few shots from school! :)  Bingo kept beggin to get in Noah's lap one day so he let him up and I look up and there they are :)  heehee a few shots of a Bible lesson, he was so excited about his science book and we have had so much use out of the ipad the boys were blessed with for school and for therapy for both boys! :)  We were able to read several teddy bear books through youtube on the ipad.  I am a nervous wreck about it.  I have to find a case soon!  I won't let Noah touch it unless I am holding it at this point!  lol

a few shots form the first library storytime of the year :)  Noah loves going and is participating so much more this year.  Same ladies leading it and some of the same kids from last year :)

A few shots from Artbreak Co op :)  Daddy was able to join us this month as he was off and Jeremiah was at his therapy school.  I think daddy had fun too. 

a few more from Artbreak!  the kids all on the floor are live art! :)  They are like torn papers to make a picture of the floor canvas.  and during the lunch time after Noah got to play with some of the bigger boys :)  He ate that up!
After art each month we take Noah to a playplace called Kid City. It is far from our home so we do not get to go often and art is not too far from it so we will be going each month now.  Noah loves it.  I need to go up in the climber with him one day and get some pics.  

He is practicing basketbell :)  and the last little bit a buddy of his showed up so he was excited :)

Today to wrap up our unit on National Teddy Bear Day we went on a field trip to Build a Bear :)

He wanted a blue bear so bad! :) and he got it :)

I think he had a good time :)

the machine needed stuffing so the kids got to stuff the stuffer! and a few moms did too.

Noah's turn to stuff his bear!

sewing up the bear and bath time 

All done! :)  

a few more :)
Noah is pleased to announce the addition of "Bluey" to the family!!!  :)  

This shot is of Jeremiah this past weekend when we took mama out for Grandparent's day!  :)  It was so cute!  He put his foot up on the chair and kicked back and went to sleep!  lol

one of Jeremiah's crafts from school :) they hold his hand and help him but he moves his hand.

Note about his OT :)

More of Jeremiah's :)

the owl is soo cute :)  

I get a sheet like this each day that tells me all about Jeremiah's day.  Some days there is more information than others.  I love it :) I sooo miss that boy when he is at therapy program but I know how blessed we are to have it :)

It has been a wonderful week!  

We also had our 6 year gotcha Day this week! :)  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord and Taiwan for the gift of Noah to my life! :)  Life is truly an adventure on the journey with him and through ups and downs I am so blessed!  Every day I pray that I will be who he needs me to be and who God wants me to be for Noah.  Even a very good day like today can have one really rough part and make me feel like I am failing!  But I just have to keep trying and love this kid with all that is in me! :)
The next 2 week's themes are challenging me for field trip or special reinforcement ideas! We shall see how this goes!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First week of school complete and Fire Station Field trip :)

So we had a wonderful first week of school that ended with an awesome Fire Station Field trip on Friday! :)  Wow I was so impressed with how great the firefighters were with the kids and how much they shared with them!  Awesome day it was a fun way to end the first week :)  We had so much fun with all our CFE (Christian Family Educators) friends :) Here are some pics to share :)
Circle the I's! :)

working hard

He colors so rough, holds it so tight I can't seem to get him to loosen up, but he does a lot of things with a rough hand.  The OT says he has a need for deep touch and pressure. 

P.E/ helping mommy and our family get and stay healthy!  This was our walking crew most days this first week :)

Daddy took this shot of us together

Daddy was off Wednesday so we went to a special back to school celebration lunch with some family that was available :)  Got this cute picture :)

Holding out his Nannie's chair on his own and I stopped him to get a picture!  I love he is becoming such a little gentleman!

Big smile!!!  

This was Wednesday Night at Church before the first Wed Fellowship supper!  He went and hug with all the big boys :)
Thursday we took in a little Dachshund rescue dog.  He has been named Bingo Bell Sisemore :)  Overall it is going well.  We have had a couple times where Noah is hugging the dog a big tight or trying to get the dog to do something with him and he has snapped and almost got Noah. I can't have a dog to bite but I am trying to be patient in the transition and make sure that this is not going to happen.  I dont think he meant to hurt him just get him to stop.  Noah is so sad because the dog does not seem to like toys or ball.  He keeps telling him play like Mogie! (the Ronald McDonald House Dog) heehee

a few shots from the first day :)

Flag football practice , first day with flag belts.  Took him a bit to warm up and participate but then he had fun :)

another flag football practice shot.

Here are some pics from the fire Station Field trip
Noah was having NO part of the children's house

Climbing on the trucks

The many faces of Noah from the day! :)  top left is when he found out we were at a fire station!

More faces of Noah from the day!

Listening and learning

Touring the upstairs where the firefighters live while they are working

Ladder truck fun

more ladder truck

Firefighter dash climbs to the top of ladder and waves

Look Mama!

Noah and the firefighters!!  Including shaking hands and saying thank you at the end.

sitting in the trucks

The Pole!

Lunch date with mommy after field trip and before errands

be silly mama!

Our unit this week has been families/Grandparent's Day.  Today being grandparent's day we took Nannie out to eat and gave her a card and a project we made her this week in school.  

I am so blessed to have this special time with Noah!  I miss Jeremiah more than words can say! I am going to ask them to try and send me some pictures of him doing some things each week so that I can include his learning at Lauve's in our school posts! :)  

Unfortunately in Louisiana we are not getting fall temps and fun that alot of places have to show its September but prayerfully we will get some soon!

This coming week life goes into hyperdrive.  Co op begins, OT, Artbreak this week, football, Church, and a field trip plus normal life and school :)