Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noah WesLee Sisemore~FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL :)

So today began the first day of school ever for my sweet panda boy Noah! :)  And the first day of Destiny Christian Academy!  Our homeschool with Celeste had a different name but God gave us this name and vision for our homeschool now with these boys he has placed into our life and any other children who may come along! :)  We are investing in our children's Destiny that they have in Christ!  God move the mountains to get them here and we are SOOO BLESSED God allowed us to be a part of the miracles that have happend and will happen in their lives! So, this morning we began :)

Noah was NOT too happy when Mommy was waking him up this morning!

Finally an eye! :)  heehee

all dressed for our first day! :)

I took several shots

love the grin :)

mommy and Noah ready to begin!  LOL  I look too happy! LOL It was kind of emotional to me to be starting school with Noah!  I was trying overhard NOT to cry my happy tears! LOL

He is the most adorable thing! :)  He was quite excited! PLEASE dont look at the disaster behind the pictures.  sigh

Saying our first prayer of our school career to open up our day.

Could not get him to repeat even one word of the pledge but at least he saluted with his hand over his heart! :)  Eventually we will learn the pledge to the American Flag, the Christian Flag, and the Bible.

This is Noah's Journal. Today he was to draw a picture of himself!  He told me this was Noah flying an airplane to Taiwan!  TOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!  Had to swallow tears again!

This was our first page in one of his paces!  I did pretty good taking pictures at the beginning and then at the end but got so into it with him nothing in the middle LOL.  This was him coloring Ace and his parents on the first day of school after hearing a story about a first day of school for a little boy name Ace. He was so cute when it talked about Mommy and Daddy praying for Ace to do well in school.  He said like MY DADDY! LOL

love this shot :)

We did his height and weight and talked about how he is growing up from the baby God stated him out as.  He is doing a little book in one of our art books about him.  We recorded weight (39 lbs), and Height (my best guess is 40 inches not good at that part, LOL) and then traced his hand and foot.  They look way bigger than they are, he was a VERY wiggly Noah :)  LOL

Ready to make an a, a, apple tree! After hearing a story about an a, a, antelope :)  heehee  He was so excited to put on the smock.  I thought he would have a fit about me wanting him to wear it but he was so excited we had paint he was all smiles! :)

We used RED (color of the week) and our fingerprint to make the apples on the tree!

after one apple he wanted the paint OFF, lol but I told him I would clean him up as soon as we did ALL the apples.  :)  thankfully he was ok with that :)

workin so hard on it :)

TRYING to show him to not be so rough and to lightly touch but he was having his way. LOL

really seeming to enjoy this :)

almost done :)

all done! :)

after showing it off to Nanny in her room he ask me to take another picture of it :) 

It was such a sweet first day!  He did so well and really seemed to like most of it.  He seemed kinda bored during some of the stories I have to read to him because there is not a picture for each thing going on in the story to look at, though there were picture pages but just didnt include everything.  Hopefully he will like it more and more and not complain.  He kept yawning at me! LOL  It did not take us too long to all that the curriculum called for and the extra things I had planned.  As the year goes on we will probably add more and more fun projects if our time continues like it is we will have plenty of time for it :) 

This afternoon after rest time if I have the ingrediants he and I are gonna make a cake for dessert on his first day of school supper!  He did not get to pick it, though I should have let him, but he will like it.  I have a bbq been bake in the crock pot with some leftover bbq hot dogs and hambuger meat.  He is currently having his rest time UNDER the porta crib! LOL  not sure why all of a sudden he wanted him and his animals under there!  He is playing with the crib more than resting.  I am starting today with a shorter nap time so that we can try a regular bedtime since we will be getting up for school every morning.  With therepay 3 days a week we are up for that but my hope is to at least get prayer, pledges, song, calendar, and color song activity done before leaving for therapy on Mon and Wednesday and before therapist arrive on Friday. 

Well, there you have our first day of preschool! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

School will start TOMOROW Tuesday September 13, 2011

Well, we are officially starting our school TOMOROW, Tuesday September 13, 2011! Noah's very first day of preschool! :)  I am excited and nervous all at the same time and can't believe that I will be beginning another homeschool jourey of about 14 years with my sweet Panda Boy! :)  I will try and post pictures and information tomorow about our day! :)