Monday, May 23, 2016

2015-2016 its a wrap

Well I totally bombed at blogging this school year!  I should come back later when I have more time and at least put some pictures from FB on this post to show a bit of the year.  It was a good year and both boys grew in so many ways.  I am so blessed to be able to spend my days with them and I am constantly trying to learn more and more how to do this better.  I really do want to make next year better in so many ways and I so want to blog it.  My plan is to make some posts in the next week or so about planning stages I am in and what we will be doing next year and then to make weekly posts next year.  I pray I can be consistent.  FB has kinda because an online scrapbook of our lives and in alot of ways I miss blogging. I wish I could afford to have the entire family blog printed as well as this school blog.  Anyway lets see how I do at updating and if you are reading let me know :)  Might be nice to think someone will be interested in what we will be doing :)Here are just a few pics I had I can add.  Most are from may, a couple earlier in the year.
Noah on a horse at the boys Birthday party

Jeremiah at Celeste and Dallas Rehearsal Dinner

Painting Field Trip

Even Bingo is learning. Noah can get him to get on here and stay while Noah walks all the way into the kitchen to get a treat and back.

Both boys are playing Challenger Baseball!  Talk about fun PE :)