Saturday, October 11, 2014

week 5 Autumn and week 6 Fire Safety

The past 2 weeks have been crazy for our family between commitments, illnesses, Er Visits, Dr. Appts, specialist appts etc that I have been going nuts and do not have as many school pics as I should.  I said I was going to do such a good job of recording school in pictures and then I let life get the best of me!  I do have some pics taken over the last 2 weeks to share and some are super cute as my best friend's daughter got married so we were all gussied up :)  Some are from school activities too.  Hope you enjoy them :)

Noah and I at the library last week.  This past week Daddy had to take him because I was soo sick and Daddy does not have a camera on his phone :(

Noah happy doing scarves at library time

Creation review for school

This was awesome.  Noah spotted a frog under the van while we were outside after Jeremiah was on the bus.  The pics of the frog under the van did not turn out but the ones of him looking at it and talking to me about it did.  At first he totally freaked out then he decided it was interesting :)  heehee gotta love this kid

he is sooo cute!

love that smile :)

working on the ipad we have been blessed with!!!!  I can't even tell you what a HUGE surprise and blessing this was to us.  An online friend came across an amazing deal and got the boys an Ipad II to help with their learning :) It is amazing during school and also to work with Jeremiah.  I know it will be an even huger blessing when we are in Texas for Jeremiah's surgery time.

its blurry but such a sweet smile :)

Waiting room school with our Nannie again :)  

Silly times while waiting for Nannie after we were done.

wish these were not so blurry.  they show my silly boy's personality and how he can make me act a nut!

and sweet smile for mama

All the children of the world puppets we made in art during school

Daddy was off FINALLY on a Saturday!  The only one he has off the entire football season so we rushed to football and then home to get ready for the wedding that day :)

Jeremiah and mommy ready for wedding

Noah and daddy , my sharp dressed men!

Noah and I :)  love that boys laugh :)

Jeremiah with Nannie's shades on at the wedding :)  so cute

I WILL do better to take pics during school this week. I also may take some pics of things he did for our themes the past 2 weeks and come back and put them on this post. Also we missed co op which is ever other week with illness, Daddy came home sick from work one day passed it back to me. what fun.  We did not make art this time either.  oh well its one class.  Next week we have a new class starting that is once a month and we can't wait :)