Saturday, January 10, 2015

Catching up

Well, I have not done as well as I hoped with keeping the school blog, or any of my blogs, up to date as I had hoped but oh well! We had a pretty active fall, and then we left home Nov 30th for Houston for Jeremiah's surgery and recovery which meant school in hospital and Ronald McDonald House.  Noah was needing a break and review so I printed TONS of things to work on during our trip that Daddy or I could do with him. I really should have taken a picture one day when we were in a dr office and he is doing cutting and pasting pages and asks the dr if he knew his sounds! LOL  but I was so embarassed!LOL  The dr is young and no kids so it was interesting! Anyway , here are some pics of alot of learning the past couple months! :) Not alot of pics of actual school papers but their were alot of them done as well :) Hope you enjoy...
Sci port Science Field trip in November with friends

this was learning about Apples. Not sure if I posted this already or not.  He was in such a silly mood :)

This is some pics in Houston. Frames Noah made for him and Jeremiah, A family pic one day after surgery when we escaped the floor and took Jeremiah outside, and Noah learning about bladder ultrasounds and helping give one!

This was the first day out of the hospital painting ornaments!

Noah learning about dogs :) He loves them!  Therapy dogs and of course Mogie the RMH dog :) and learning about cooking!  He asked this chef a TON of questions! Thank God for nice people! :)

This is back home after our trip and after holidays. Noah loves to help Jeremiah have turns too :)

More from this past week of school.

Showing off an ornament he made at class at RMH and learning some nursing skills!

This just blessed my heart!!!  Noah is SOOO curious and he and this news man made friends! So he got a lesson in being a tv newscaster!:) The top left picture is the one the cameraman took of Noah and Tweeted! :) and it was on the news! :) The others were pics I took of them together :)

learning, learning everywhere! :) Noah is doing some online schooling and a little old lady gets involved! too cute :) 

These are just a FEW of the times that Noah was helping others! This boy so blesses me!! He is helping another family who was checking out, he is helping one of the staff after they have just loaded the community fridge with cartons of donated milk together, he is helping love on a baby in a friends family, and after a slew of kids left the playroom he goes back to help the man whose chore it was to clean the playroom.  So proud of this boy! :)

Noah had lots of time to work on social skills, fine and gross motor skills and his chicken dance!!! :)  these were on the night Southwest Airlines came and blessed all the families with gifts in addition to all the fun they bring every month! ;)
Jeremiah working on vision!:) Neuro opthamology appt went very well. Jeremiah will be getting special glasses! :) and the bottom is the boys with Olaf!! They got to MEET OLAF!! :) had to share that! :)

working on letters to Santa and mailing in the special mailbox!

Noah and his letter to Santa

riding a bike instead of trycicle for first time.

Noah giving pull tabs to RMH that we and friends had been saving!

spending time at the hospital together :)  I thank God EVERY day for the blessing of the ipad and ask Him to bless the friend who got it for the boys! :)

Noah at co op in November

Jeremiah at co op in November

Noah at Co-op

more co-op pics :)

our family right before Christmas at RMH

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Thanks for following along in our journey!  I hope to post more frequently this semester! :)