Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changes! :) God's will is always best!

So I wanted to come and post on our school blog about the changes in our school! :)  Jeremiah was attending a 5 morning a week therapy program at a local school since the beginning of the school year while Noah and were having our school at home.  Well, Jeremiah began to show us physically that he was not doing well with the school program and so after much thought, prayer, and discussion with Dr.'s we decided that Jeremiah is better off at home in our little school! :)  It is such a hard thing as a parent to struggle so hard to try and make what you have been convinced is the BEST thing for your child and then find out that very thing was detrimental physically to him.  I am not saying the program was not good, it was.  I am not saying the folks working with Jeremiah were not wonderful, they were.  I am just saying his fragile little self could not handle it.  Those who know me know the fact we even tried the school program goes against the way we feel the Lord leading us to raise our children, but I allowed myself to get caught up in the hope that they could help him learn to communicate with devises.  Well, I guess Jeremiah showed me he could communicate with his health and his actions :)  I have a total peace that it is best for Jeremiah to be home.  YES I have some guilt that I made a mistake in sending him at all, but I would never have known it would not be the PERFECT thing for him if I had not tried, I would have always wondered if they could do better for him.  Having been through this has shown me the Lord has equipped me with exactly what each of my boys need, even if I do not feel able, through HIM I am able! :)  I will make what I have to make, or find someone to help me make it, learn what I have to learn, buy what I have to buy, to give them both the best for them individually :)  Please keep Jeremiah in prayer as he did loose 2 lbs, have increased seizure's and some other physical issues that have come up during the time he was going to show the Dr.'s and us that it was just too much for him.  Please pray he will bounce back quickly and this decline will stop. 

Noah is THRILLED to have Jeremiah back home.  It bothered him so much and there were nights he cried saying I want Miah stay home.  It was heartbreaking.  He has not asked one time why Jeremiah is not going to school anymore.  He loves his brother and so missed him when he was there. 

I am currently trying to come up with things that I can do to give Jeremiah more than Just therapy in our school  , though of course the therapy and medical things he has to have are important but I want to enrich and give him more and more.  NObody really knows inside where he is so even though he is trapped in there and can't tell me what he knows, what he enjoys, what is sinking in, or anything does not mean I should not still expose him to as much in life as I can. :)  My goal right now is finding ways to expose him to letters, numbers, shapes, etc that he can feel and touch, and activities using those things that he can experience.  Little by little as I can buy what I need and figure out what to make and buy his world will open up more and more.  And bonus Noah will get added fun himself because he likes to be right up in whatever Jeremiah is doing as well :) 

Anyway, lots of changes, and when you are in the will of God you know they are good! :)  If nothing else trying to hard to do what is best has definitly made me spend ALOT more time on my knees! :)  and that is good too :) 

I will try and post a bit more often!  My laptop died and so I am sharing Bobby's that is not in much better shape and has no sound card :(  which is awful for homeschool and using or anything like that with the kids!  I keep telling myself this too shall pass! :) 

Happy Schooling to those on this journey with us!  Have a great weekend everybody :)

Learning Noah

Well, we are now 4 weeks down in our Preschool Year!  I am learning more and more about Noah and where he is, how he is going to learn, what he can handle and so it became clear that he is so ready to learn more and more :)  God has totally reshaped my plans of what I thought the year was going to be like, what are activities were going to be like and everything but oh I can tell you what it has worked out to be is awesome and Noah and I both are loving it and so blessed! :)  Now for some pictures :)

I know we are not the first parents to battle is my 5 year old ready for Kindergarten!  We did not want to "hold him back"  as some would say is pretty common for families to do.  But we prayed and spent some time working with Noah, took into account his developmental testing and several other factors and all of this brought us to the conclusion that Noah IS a Preschooler!  We are meeting him where he is and going from there! :)  When I think back to that 17 and a half old baby boy that was placed in my arms and all he has overcome since then it amazes me he is ready for Preschool at all :)  God is so good!

I am learning even after so may years of teaching my daughter, teaching preschool and Kindergarten, being a children's Pastor and working with so many children that my own sweet Panda Boy is showing me new things and ways of doing things! :) One thing I am having to learn and that I do so much better with Noah than I did Celeste is that its HIS work.  I do not need to cut everything out for him before he does a project because it might not be cut just right, and I do not have to worry if he is out of the lines and such!  I am so much more mellow in my old age!  :)  Thank God because NOAH needs it :)

I am often really learning more and more about HOW children learn and what true education really is! 

P.E :)
I was mid post on this when my laptopDIED!  So the other collages and things I had ready for you are not to be seen ever :(  anyway I just realized blogger kept this so I will post it now, even though in the middle of a new post with changes in our school now, so stay tuned :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Noah's 2012-2013 School Year has begun! :)

The sad face is one he made when he began shutting down because it was hard and he did not want to repeat the Pledge of allegiance.  He did later after getting upset come back and say it after us.  We were blessed Daddy's schedule today worked where he was home when we first started the day and he was able to open us in prayer!

This was last night but I had to share :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

TOMORROW!! 2012- 2013 school year starts!

Tomorrow we start our 2012-2013 School Year!  :)  Noah has been growing and changing in so many ways lately so I just can not wait to see how he does this year!!!  I can't believe how big he is getting.  :)  Please be in prayer for him and for me as we begin! :) 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting ready for 2012-2013

So getting ready for Noah's school year this coming year!  Jeremiah will be attending a therapy program 5 mornings a week at the local school and Noah will of course be home with me for school.  His speech and hearing are improving so much so I am very excited to see how well he will do this year!  He has made GREAT strides with therapy this past year and I think this coming year is going to be his year to just blossom! :)  I thought I would share our subjects and our theme's this year :)
Letters and Sounds/ Handwriting
K5 Math
Sing, Spell Read and Write Pre K Readiness
and then we will have themes that we will do something each day of the week to learn about the themes.  Here is our list of themes for the year :)

Noah’s 2012-2013 Themes

August 20-24th ~ All About Me and Trains
August 27-31st~ All About Me and Trains
Septmber 4th-7th~Apples and Johnny Appleseed
September 10-14~ Apples
September 17-21~ Zoo Animals
September 24-28~ Zoo Animals
October 1-5~ Fall
October 8~ Colombus
October 9-12~ Fire Safety/Prevention
October 15-19~ Harvest/Pumpkins
October 22-26~ Harvest/Pumpkins
October 29-November 2~ National Child Safety Month (Police Officer unit)
November 5-9~ Pilgrams and Native Americans
November 12-16~ Thanksgiving theme
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 26-30~ Christmas/Advent
December 3-7~ Christmas/Advent
December 10-14~Christmas/Advent
December 17-19~ Christmas Advent
January 7-11~ Winter
January 14-18~ Winter Animals
January 22- 25~ Winter Animals
January 28- Feb 1~ Chinese New Year
February 4-8~ Lincoln and Log cabins
February 11-15~ Valentines
February 18-22~ Washington and Cherry Trees
February 25-March 1~ Chinese Kite Festival and Kites
March 4-8~ Dr. Suess Week (Dr. Suess bday)
March 11-15 St. Patrick’s Day
March 18-22~ Easter
Easter/spring break
April 2-5~ Farm Animals
April 8-12 Farm Animals
April 15-18~ Spring
April 22-26~ Spring
April 29-May 2nd~ National Transportation Month( Air Transportation)
May 6 – 10~ Land Transportation
May 13 – 17~ Water Transportation
May 20- 24~ Summer Fun

So excited for this coming year :)  Please comment if you are following along! :)  
This was taken Father's Day!