Monday, August 19, 2013

The FIRST day of Kindergarten Aug 19, 2013

Well the first day has come and is done.  Seems like everything int the world came against us getting this day done and it is one of those days where as a mom I feel like I have not done right by my kids.  I was not feeing well and exhausted and not as patient and loving as I should have been.  The perfect amazing first day I had so tried to make happen was totally NOT what happend but we are started and little by little it will get there.  Lots of praying to do tonight.  I saw that look in my son's eyes of a chushed spirit when he felt like he could not do it and I wanted to kick myself.  I have to pray alot more before we get to the school lessons about how to present, how to respond, how to help, etc.  Noah reallly did wonderfuly considering all we had in our way today to make this happen.  We started out finally with heights and weights and pictures!! :)  I will record the height and weight the first school day of each month just like I did for their big sister for years :)  

Noah WesLee :)

Jeremiah Harold :)

Jeremiah was NOT cooperating at first but when he got alone he finally decided to respond some :)

Jeremiah first day of school Photo shoot :)

Noah first day of school photo shoot :)

Noah working hard :)

Noah playing and watching Letter Factory :) 

I so love my kids and pray this is an awesome school year!  I pray Noah's desire to read and write his name happen this year!!  

Happy School Year all! :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013



I am having a hard time inside about starting this year for some reason!  I am excited and thrilled to spend this time with my children helping them to learn but for some reason I am very apprehensive.  I guess it feels like a beginning of such a very long and IMPORTANT and difficult job.  This is the first year of the next 13 years of being their teacher as well as their mom!  K is a bigger deal than preschool and I am overwhelmed I guess.  I am also trying to make sure to be sensitive to their special needs and I am so exhausted lately so I guess a part of me is like I just want to sleep LOL  like that will ever happen :)  Anyway, tomorrow is our first day of K at Destiny Christian Academy :)

Going to print these out to have in a picture somehow tomorrow :) 

My sweet Panda Boy this morning at a water park we were invited to this morning!

Both my sweet boys at the children's Hospital last week!

My sweet Frogie boy during music time :)  

I am so incredibly blessed the Lord allowed me to be the mother of two such wonderful little boys! :)  I pray I do well by them in ALL areas!!! 

GOAL for school and life!!  Point them to the Lord!