Friday, July 26, 2013

and it continues...

Lots of work going on here at DCA! :)  School is not in session yet but I am in hyperdrive trying to get things ready and organized.  It is overwhelming to me that I am on this journey of homeschooling again!  I look at Noah and Jeremiah and think WHERE did my babies go?  Noah is showing more and more signs of being SO READY!!!  LOVE when the Lord gives me confirmation that a decision WAS indeed in HIS will and the right one.  I think Noah will be able to handle full time school and Kindergarten work this year and I am so excited for him and me! :)  I am going nuts trying to figure out how to make this all work storage and organization wise!  Bobby and I were discussing using a good part of the China cabinet (which other than some Christmas dishes does not have china anyway! LOL  but does have alot of special things in the top behind the doors and had all kinds of other stuff in the other parts.  Anyway we were discussing using it for school and we were like well we will be schooling 9 months a year for the next 13 years AT LEAST so guess that is a good decision!!  Now what to do with the other stuff?  LOL

I am still nowhere near done but I am on the way.  It is so important that I be very organized and have a place for everything and not just in a stack or bag. We use the dining room and living room for school and I do NOT want to get into having the table covered in school stuff and never able to eat together at the family table so I have to make this easy for me so I will follow thru and clean up at the end of each day!!  Right now with all this work going on we are eating in the living room on tv trays , which is fun from time to time but I really want us back at that table!!!  And it has shown me that during school it will be a problem if I am not diligent about putting stuff away and having a place for everything!!!!!    Anyway that is what I am working on at this point!!!  

I feel like my poor kids wonder if I have lost my mind! LOL  I am busy doing all this for them!  But anyone with little kids knows that you have to stop and do things for and with them too!  Today Noah really wanted to get in and start helping!! He was awesome with what he could do and did not get too upset with things I said he was not able to help with. He got a treat tonight!  I am babysitting our friends twins and she he is having a late night playdate and slumber party till they pick them up! :)  He is in heaven! :)

Getting excited about co op coming up in September too!  I have been told they willl do 5 in a row and some things to go along with it :)  I hear they do crafts and we NEED some help in that area so I hope they do one every week :)

LOOK at that smile!!! He wrote his name with help and was beaming!!!  He has SUCH a hard time!! He still can not write it by looking at it but can trace it now!!! For a long time he could not do that.  He was doing a bit better and then got worse again writing it on his own and I am not sure why because he tries many times a day!

This was last year during one of the therapy sessions from the school.  Noah gets involved with helping Jeremiah!!!! I LOVE IT :)  I know this will continue ;)

I saw this and loved it :)  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mama Prep Time

I am giving thank to the Lord above for the freedom to homeschool my children!  I am so excited about this year and I really think it is going to be an amazing year for everyone!!!!  I have started the PREP time which means the house fall apart because I am so obsessed with working on school! LOL  After I get it all ready I will do end of summer massive clean and organize.  I really want this year to be wonderful!

working on making file boxes to store units for MY FATHER'S WORLD K!

Folders for each unit of MFWK

Thought I would share this picture from Easter!  The boys have grown so much since the pics up on this blog :)

We have been doing alot of praying and decision making!  My hubby (THE PRINCIPAL) of our school has had to step in and help me make some wise choices so as not to over commit.  It is funny to me that so many people talk about how the kids will be cooped up at home and have no socialization and all but for me the issue is finding time to actually do the main school around all the opportunities for them outside our home.  We really did want to do Classical Conversations and that desire will probably always be here but for now financially it is impossible.  There are 2 Co-Op's that I am close to families and have had such a hard time deciding if I could handle doing both!  Hubby says NO!  At least not now.  He says see how it goes with one Co-op, play dates, field trips, homeschool outings, in home school therapy for J, and our own K curriculum before adding a second Co-Op! I am very excited about attending MAD Co-Op as part of our Caffe Homeschool Group!  The Ladies there have really been wonderful in our lives before we have ever even been in MAD.  They are very accomodating for boys special needs and Jeremiah's wheelchair and everything :)  I thank God for hubby stepping in and making the decision about the 2nd Co-op though I really am sad to not be a part of it.  

I am trying to find more and more ways to help the boys learn or should I say to help me guide them in learning and help me to teach them!  I am excited about My Father's World and I do believe this curriculum will be great for them.  I am also trying to find some Montessori resources second hand such as the movable alphabet and other hands on things to help in teaching.  I am trying to decide how I will incorporate Jeremiah into our school days and expose him to as much as I can.  I am also praying that the time will come that I can get at least Jeremiah back into private therapy.  I have to look at him and see things differently about what School for him will mean!

I saw the picture below and had a fit!  The very first Homeschool Tshirt I ever had for me and Celeste had this exact picture on it!!!  It is so very true!!! 

 My First student Celeste graduated with her 2nd College Degree (this one a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry!) in May right before her 25th Birthday!!!!  Proud MAMA here!!!

I can't wait to see what God does through her!! 

I appreciate any prayer you may have for us as we prepare for the 2013-2014 school year here at Destiny Christian Academy! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

KINDERGARTEN is racing our way!! 2013- 2014

I am trying to get everything ready for our new school year!! I can firmly say that deciding last year Noah was NOT ready for Kindergarten was very wise and I must say WHAT a  difference a year makes!!  Emotionally this boy is SOO ready for K this year!  And I really think he is going to do quite well!  I was blessed with a large portion of an AMAZING Curriculum from a friend whose children were really needing first grade so she did not use this.  I was excited at the time but now that we are ready for K and I have really started looking at it and preparing and all I am ever MORE excited!  I LOVE it and I think Noah will too!  Jeremiah will be as involved as I can make him with adaptations as necessary!  So for our main curriculum this year we are doing My Father's World!

I am in LOVE with this curriculum!!  It has units that cover Bible, learning to read, light math, science and social studies concepts and everything!  I love that we willl read so many books this year.  It is a challenge to find all the specific books I need and then others as well for each units theme but I know it will be worth it.  I found and that helped alot with the first 9 weeks books.  There are still a few I do not have but I got a good bit of them.  

In addition to this we willl be doing Bible Memory verse with each letter is learned from this book :)
and I made the following from resources I found so that I can put a tiny sticker each time one is memorized :)

We also will be doing a good handwriting program that has been advised by OT friends.  Noah really has a hard time with writing so I am praying this helps him and that he is ready this year!

and we will also be doing a separate Math Curriculum because I feel like Noah needs a bit more than what is in the My Father's World to help him learn the concepts and a friend was selling a copy of McRuffy Color Math she used last year with her children.  

So far it looks good and I really hope Noah responds well to it :)

We will be doing THEMES again this year that are part of the MY Father's World and we will add a few fun projects in to fit seasons and holidays.  I have found some lapbooks to go along with some of the themes and some of the books we are reading so I think it is going to be a very fun year! I so want it to be and I PRAY Noah takes off this year and can learn the things he really wants too.  He is hitting a point where he is very emotional about how hard things are for him and it is hurting both our hearts :(

I am trying so hard to be more faithful to this blog this year and all my blogs so please keep checkin in :)

Pray for me as I try to do all the planning, printing, laminating, cutting, organzing and getting ready for the new year and still tend to all I have to with the kids, house, etc and give the kids a fun summer!

I will post the themes and all later for those interested :)