Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sharing a few pics! :)

Just sharing a few pics as we prepare for the new school year :)

this was making our whipped cream from the cream we bought on our field trip at the dairy :)

This was the butter making with somehow mommy messed up :(  We will try this again another time :(

We started PE/ Exercise with Mommy this week and have had several things put a kink in the plans!  The plan is to go to park to walk/ride trike at least 3 days a week.  If nothing derails tomorrow we will do 2 days this week :)  These are shots from day 1.

Noah is playing flag football for the first time this year with Upwards!  He has an amazing coach who is doing all he can to help Noah to feel safe and comfy and enjoy football and give it a try :) These are pictures from first practice.

I am making me a plan book using google calendar and printing out the day view.  Above it the cover for my binder.  Which is pink!! Purple is my fav color with pink a close second :)

Noah helped me decorate his binder to keep his work in as he does it this year and his calendar book!  He had so much fun!! This boy is so into stickers! Thank you Lord for Dollar tree having some really awesome ones! 

This is Noah ready tonight for his 2nd football practice.  I am having to miss this one because Jeremiah has a fever.  I so want to find me an afforable football mom shirt when I have a little money :)  I know the flag football is not "school" but it is part of making him a well rounded boy and he loves it :)

He is going to have an amazing year this year!  I will share soon about all the things we are doing in and out of the classroom( dining table :) heehee)

Friday, August 22, 2014

First Field Trip of the year!!! :) Flowing Hills Creamery

We had the most amazing time today!!! :)  We went on our first field trip for the new year!!!  :)  We are really blessed this year to be very involved in some very awesome homeschool groups :)  Today's field trip was with our CFE group to the Flowing Hills Creamery! :)

I just had to share about our day :)  I will NEVER forget it :)
Aunt Catherine rode along with us and really helped Noah and I have a great time! :)  the top right is her holding up Noah to look in at the processing and bottling room before the tour began :)

We got to see cows being milked and learn all about how the entire process works from milking to storing to pasteurizing to the bottle.   

After they talked to them about it all and they were able to look through the windows and watch it all they had a video they played to reinforce what they heard before the tour and what they saw in the tour.  Then they got to learn about how to make whipped cream and butter :)

I was so so proud of Noah for doing such a great job in a new situation.  He listened so well and was very curious about it all, and even talked to the lady teaching them!  I almost cried!  The lady called Noah her little helper! ;)

They then got a little free time and then got to go on a hayride to see the horses and cows.  This was so huge for Noah.  There was not much room on the hayride so only a few parents could ride and so Noah freaked at the idea of getting on without me.  One of the ladies in the group he really loves so I asked him if he would go on with Mrs. Bryn and he agreed!!  He looked so nervous and a little sad when they left so this mama worried sick about how he was doing and that he would fall off but he came back lit up like a Christmas tree telling me all about all he saw and how wonderful it was!! :)  

Then we all had our picnic and visited and the kids explored a bit!! :)  We all got to have a Chocolate Milk with our lunch and taste milk that was NON homogenized and fresh fresh!! YUMM

I did not drink all of my Chocolate Milk so that I could bring it home and share with the rest of the family to have a taste :)  and I bought a small container of the fresh butter and a small container or the heavy cream! :)  My plan is for us to make a small amount of whipped cream and a small amount of our own butter here at home! :)  The lady leading the tour told us a couple of ways to do the butter.  I thought that it would be a great follow up to the field trip! :)  We won't be able to make much but just enough to say we did it :)  and I can't wait to taste the butter we make with their fresh cream and compare it to the taste of the butter they made us there! :)  

I am sooo blessed to spend such wonderful time with Noah watching him learn and explore! :)  I LOVE homeschooling! :)