Thursday, July 11, 2013

KINDERGARTEN is racing our way!! 2013- 2014

I am trying to get everything ready for our new school year!! I can firmly say that deciding last year Noah was NOT ready for Kindergarten was very wise and I must say WHAT a  difference a year makes!!  Emotionally this boy is SOO ready for K this year!  And I really think he is going to do quite well!  I was blessed with a large portion of an AMAZING Curriculum from a friend whose children were really needing first grade so she did not use this.  I was excited at the time but now that we are ready for K and I have really started looking at it and preparing and all I am ever MORE excited!  I LOVE it and I think Noah will too!  Jeremiah will be as involved as I can make him with adaptations as necessary!  So for our main curriculum this year we are doing My Father's World!

I am in LOVE with this curriculum!!  It has units that cover Bible, learning to read, light math, science and social studies concepts and everything!  I love that we willl read so many books this year.  It is a challenge to find all the specific books I need and then others as well for each units theme but I know it will be worth it.  I found and that helped alot with the first 9 weeks books.  There are still a few I do not have but I got a good bit of them.  

In addition to this we willl be doing Bible Memory verse with each letter is learned from this book :)
and I made the following from resources I found so that I can put a tiny sticker each time one is memorized :)

We also will be doing a good handwriting program that has been advised by OT friends.  Noah really has a hard time with writing so I am praying this helps him and that he is ready this year!

and we will also be doing a separate Math Curriculum because I feel like Noah needs a bit more than what is in the My Father's World to help him learn the concepts and a friend was selling a copy of McRuffy Color Math she used last year with her children.  

So far it looks good and I really hope Noah responds well to it :)

We will be doing THEMES again this year that are part of the MY Father's World and we will add a few fun projects in to fit seasons and holidays.  I have found some lapbooks to go along with some of the themes and some of the books we are reading so I think it is going to be a very fun year! I so want it to be and I PRAY Noah takes off this year and can learn the things he really wants too.  He is hitting a point where he is very emotional about how hard things are for him and it is hurting both our hearts :(

I am trying so hard to be more faithful to this blog this year and all my blogs so please keep checkin in :)

Pray for me as I try to do all the planning, printing, laminating, cutting, organzing and getting ready for the new year and still tend to all I have to with the kids, house, etc and give the kids a fun summer!

I will post the themes and all later for those interested :)

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